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Engine bay

Waiting for the wiring to go in


The seats are done now


New steering wheel, much better than the Sierra

Dashboard Stage 2

Holes cut with jigsaw, Original dash behind and switches from Merlin Motorsport

Seatbelt Mounts

Mounts are tacked on using plug welds


In the car, had to widen around the steering wheel because of the wiring

Cycle Wing

Only one on at the moment, still needs support painting

Seatbelt Mounts

Fully Welded

Seats in

Seat in position showing seatbelt mounting


Tube from Metal Supermarket, don't know the size as I just took the exhaust


What do you know, by some miracle the manifold and exhaust are the same size!


Bolted on, but the bottom of the seats need cutting again as I didn't leave room for the seatbelt brackets


Just needs painting and then it's done

Steering column Extention

I've taken it back out and drilled some 4mm holes to plug weld

Rear Axle

Just to show that all I need to finish it is the flexi hose for the rear brakes

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