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Test Drive

My daughter test drives the car

Seats Cut

Wood is cut for the seats, now I've got to fit the leather


Bought from a bloke in Leeds from Ebay 26


One part actually finished!

Bottom ...

... of the seat, the green you see is water sealant left over from Tony's Fence


Cut and drilled (this is my 2nd attempt)


The car is now plumbed, couple of brackets will keep it in place


There are a couple of holes that need blocking such as the heater hoses

Steering column

Here showing the top weld, the shaft goes into the sleeve approx 50mm

Bottom weld

Might drill and bolt the shaft too

Axle mods

After painting we decided to weld on a bolt for the brake 'T' connector ...

Pipe Clamps

... and also some strips of sheet to bend over the brake pipes

Tank strapped in

This is the end of day photo


We used 25x3mm to strap down the petrol tank. Was quite easy


Used M6 Rivnuts to secure the petrol tank

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