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End of day

This is how it stands today (check photo for date)


I sat in the chassis and slipped down to the pedal area :)

Oil filler cap

I really wish I had one

Time for a coffee

That's it for today, wheels should be here in a few days, blasted and powder coated in silver (I have the tyres already)


Been to be blasted and powdercoated.

Wheels On

Looks a little better with the wheels on

That's it

I can't do anymore today, way too hot I'm soaked

One more



Went the the Harrogate KitCar show this weekend and bought some mirrors for 40

Bonnet Catch

Can't see it very well but if I open it I'll lose the little metal catch.

Lighting Set

From Lolocost, also bought some wing stays which look quite nice.


Cut from MDF and shaped around the Wheel using a baked bean tin.

Looking nice

Aluminium Petrol Tank

Bought from 'Denao' on www.locostbuilders.co.uk 50 inc. delivery

Full View

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