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Gearbox Painted

This is the gearbox after 2 coats of paint, we settled for 3 coats

Prop Check

Tried it the night before and it didn't fit, odd because it does now

Engine Painting

One coat of paint, see how it goes with 3


Much better after 3 coats


Is the next to be painted.

Powder coated Chassis

Our chassis after powder coating at 'Peateys' in Yeadon


The painting of the engine and ancillaries took longer than I thought it would


Isn't it ;)

Heart Transplant

The heart of the machine is going into place


I rented the Engine Hoist from HSS just over the road for 25 for the weekend, worth it.

Oh before I forget

Look at that chassis, the powder coating makes my welding look passable ;)

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