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Welded in position


Had to add another piece to stop the threaded bar from bending ...

Threaded bar

... the M6 Threaded bar may be replaced with M8

So far

End of day pic

Rear Wheel Arch

We didn't get much done this week ...


... these 2 wheel arch mounts/fillets are all we did

Brake Pipe Brackets

The brake pipe brackets were cut from 3mm plate and drilled

Brake Pipe Brackets

This is one of the front ones


All parts have been stripped off, ready to be 'derusted' and painted

Paint Stripping

We both took it in turns to remove the paint from the chassis using 'The Tool', 3 hours and still lots to do

Tiring work

It's 28C but it must be done

Clean Gearbox

Cleaned the gearbox and is now ready for painting

New Propshaft

Cost a bit, but I'm sure it's all worth it in the end


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