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Escort 1.3 pop

Had to drive down south to find this


Me and Graham removing the lights


The boot makes cheap storage space until you get rid of the donor


Getting the escort ready for engine removal

The easy route

We cut the front from the donor to help ease the removal of the Engine


One engine missing, no reward if found


Fords 1.3 Crossflow Engine (well the block anyway)

Cut Up

We decided to cut up the donor and take it to the local Scrap Merchants

Clean up

The disks are new an the calipers have been rebuilt and painted


Amazing what a grinder with a steel brush wheel attachment

It's started

A bit late in the chassis build stage for the 1st photo but I'd only just bought the camera


I know it's a bit dark but it didn't look that dark at the time


Same sorta thing, different angle


We borrowed a friends garage to build in as we don't have one of our own, we're grateful even if it is a little 'busy'

Close up

Not bad considering I've not welded before!

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